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 Nuit Blanche 2022 


“ÉtÉ indien” (indian summer)

 Saturday 1st october 2022

 8:00 pm – 00 h

Petite Ceinture 20th, 81 rue de Ménilmontant, 75020 Paris

(🚇 Ménilmontant station, line 2)



affiche nuit blanche

Event poster by Florian Jouhaud

The 20th edition of Nuit Blanche will take place on 1st october 2022. Each year, this free entry event, made for all, is welcoming millions of art lovers.

For this occasion, the Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville are invading the Petite Ceinture 20e, a bucolic island hidden in the middle of the city, organizing a course of luminous artworks in the open air.

Around fifty tetrahedrons lend themselves to a formal and colorful game, and are an opportunity to invoke a fertile and popular imagination. “Indian Summer” is also a celebration of this particular edition of Nuit Blanche which will take place for the last time in autumn. 


It’s our Nuit Blanche 5th participation, previous events were “Constellation” (2021), la “Nuit Anima” (2020), “Constellation” (2015) et “La chambre claire” (2013).



 Exhibiting artiste :  Galina Andrews, Hélène Courvoisier, Livia Dudouit, Marie Escarabajal, Valérie Graff, Lika Kato, Anissa Nossay, L’Officine (Cécile Carer/Claire Cecchini), Michèle Rizet, Mirella Rosner, Collectif SEM (Suzanne Larrieu/Edwige Bregent/Myriam Romero), Mieke Vasse, Josette Vigneau.


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