Les artistes en 2005 (photo Bérangère Lomont)



Our Story


Association was born in March 1990 at the time when several artists were threatened of expulsion. It is the natural consequence of the bonds woven with the other inhabitants of the district. With the wire of time, much of creators of all horizons settled in Belleville and joined the AAB, which counts now at least 250 artists plastics technicians.    

In this context, the The Belleville Open Studios days, which accomodate each spring of the visitors of the whole world, remains a major event in the life of the district.


Beyond this demonstration, the AAB are active throughout the year. Are proposed exposures to the Gallery, activities teaching and cultural, and various projects among which international exchanges between associations of artists (previous years, with Spain, Romania, Brazil, Germany, Vietnam, Belgium, Benin, Norway …).