Qui sommes-nous ?


The Association of Artists’ Workshops of Belleville (The AAB) today brings together more than 250 artists and 23 collectives, all working in the field of visual arts and located in the Belleville district of Paris.


Founded in 1989 from the artists’ desire to collectively integrate into the urban landscape and preserve creative spaces, it works to highlight the work of artists and the cultural richness of Belleville.

The association works to make art accessible to everyone, offering numerous events throughout the year (exhibition programming at the AAB gallery, Open Studio Days, participation in various artistic events, off-site exhibitions, international exchanges) and has, over time, established a different and special relationship with the public.

In a spirit of openness, the involvement of The AAB contributes to the cultural and economic renewal of a cosmopolitan and popular neighborhood. Alongside other associations, residents, and merchants, it preserves the identity of this district.


The Artists’ Workshops of Belleville are members of the FRAAP (the Federation of Networks and Associations of Visual Artists).


Quelques adhérents des AAB en 2016, photo Juliette Chenais

A few members, 2016 (photograph : Juliette Chenais)