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Artistic exchange between AAB & ACCA ATELIER (TURIN, ITALy)


ACCA cultural association was established in 2014 with the aim to give visibility to artists working in Torino and to promote the relationships with the audience in their own creative space: the artist’s atelier.


Well aware of the fast and multiple changes taking place in the arts system, the six founding members, working in Torino and operating at national and international level, wish to offer an answer to the growing interest towards contemporary art and to the need of creating collaborations between local and international artists. ACCA thus aims to form a network of artists’ ateliers located in different European countries, promoting initiatives among subjects in different cultural and artistic fields.


AccAtelier is the annual event of ACCA association devoted to artists and their ateliers: collective exhibition, conference, open ateliers to be visited in the whole city centre and, as guests, international artists.


The exchange between our artist group and Acca involved 5 artists from Torino and 4 parisians : 

Our italian guests during our “Portes Ouvertes” in may 2015 : 

Laura Ambrosi,

Claudio Cravero,

Silvia Reichenbach,

Stefano Giorgi

Roberta Toscano.


Belleville artists invited during AccAtelier 2015 : 

Delphine Epron

Michèle Forgues


VR84 (Vincent Rauel).




Acca association website :




The 2015 AAB-ACCA exchange, in pictures