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Belleville-Otawara Exchange 

The AAB association and the Ōtawara Institute of Art Cultural Studies (Ōtawara, Japon), that is organizing the Nasunogahara International Arts Symposium, and directed by Kodai Hihara, have created an exchange project between artists from France and Japan.


On summer 2017, nine artists from AAB are invited in Ōtawara to take part to :

  • A three weeks residence, from july 30th to august 16th, in the Institute of Arts Cultural Studies : nine french artists will work with five japanese creators.
  • A post production exhibition, august 18th to 26th, on Nasunogahara harmony hall.

French artists : Clemente Americo, Catherine Arnaud, Annie Barel, Alain Cabot, Lika Kato, Sophie Lannier, Carlos Lopez, Mireille Roustit, Beatriz Trepat

Japanese artists : Kanako Akiyama, Kodai Hihara, Toshiya Kimura, Daiki Nishimura, Takuma Noda


On the end of 2017, we will welcome ten japanese artists in Belleville : in particular, we will display an exhibition in the AAB gallery (from november 23th to december 3rd), and organize artistic meetings and studios visits


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