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Illustration Lucie Barjot






Exhibition from September 21st to October 1st, 2023

Concert on September 21st

Open from Thursday to Sunday, from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Galerie des AAB, 1 rue Picabia, Paris 20e (map)

Opening reception on Thursday, September 21st, starting at 6:00 PM (opening songs at 7:30 PM)


Artists : Lucie Barjot, Dalva Deshogues, Joséphine Ducat-May, Brune Doummar, Marie Michels, Ethel Saban

Curators : Laura Ferrini et Brune Doummar


« The deep fryer at Balto that made the bar lights flicker. Around the round table like knights eagerly awaiting the Grail (the fries), we talked about those years at school, about our dear professor François Boisrond, who had just left his position. We had just listened to his farewell ceremony, Élina, Juliette, Victoire, Yi, Julie, and I. ‘Great’ was, without much surprise, the final point of his speech, embodying his charm and curious pedagogy with aplomb. I saw in this gathering at the bar the people with whom I had formed a friendship and admiration at the Fine Arts. This truly strange and unique moment touched me and planted the seed in my mind that one day we should come together in our shared freedom of the visual arts. This conversation had to continue and became even more important after leaving school, where each of us goes to carve our own path »

This exhibition project was born from the idea of the young painter Brune Doummar, who wanted to bring together several artists from her generation. “Yellow leaning towards orange” is the title of this exhibition, but it is also the definition of the color ocher, which, like a “common thread,” is present in the works of these young artists. Beyond the pretext of choosing a theme, ocher would evoke a warm tone and symbolize harmony, an atmosphere that the arrangement attempts to reflect. Singers will kick off the opening reception, creating a hybrid space at the intersection of the stage and the exhibition. This musical and festive atmosphere will be a way to discover the artworks in a different light.