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Cidàlia Alves

Bleue Water

Cidàlia Alves presents herself as a visual artist. This mixture of mediums reflects its two main guidelines: light and matter. She mixes both brilliantly thanks to her photographs that she manipulates with pictorial techniques. To stretch his frame like a painter, to muffle the printed photograph to crease or tear it; all this makes his art live in a relationship similar to body-to-body. Cidàlia grabs material before her – both in photography and physically – to explode in a multitude of consistencies. We would like to get very close to touch this textured abstraction.But to bring all these graphic traits to life, Cidàlia captures light with precision and passion. As she says so well: “When the light turns, I chase it. This love for light rays probably comes from his childhood in Portugal, a hot country, filled with clarity and brilliance. This moving glow that she tries to capture by the freezing of her camera is characteristic of what pleases her most in her art: engrave a moment forever. Whether it is among everyday moments or in the abundance of nature, she draws inspiration without premeditation. Really caught up in her photographic encounters, Cidàlia catches this life that passes too quickly.Thus, this mixture of mediums probably comes from his career. After an apprenticeship at the Apppolot studio (Grasse) following a CAP Photographie (Nice), she met artists Jean Kirsch; who introduced him to drawing and neo-impressionist painting; André Le Manchec invites him to deconstruct his photographic practice or the painters Anna-Eva Bergman and Hans Hartung.



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